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Illustration of Uretek Structural Resin InjectionMainmark Ground Engineering utilises non-invasive technologies for raising, re-levelling, re-supporting and strengthening moving and sunken structures on or in the ground. Applications include houses, buildings and other structures, concrete slabs, pavements and driveways.

Mainmark Ground Engineering has been at the forefront of developing unique and innovative solutions for rectifying problems with foundation ground in residential, industrial, commercial, civil engineering and mining situations. The company leads the world in providing accurate ground engineering systems of resin injection and other technologically advanced solutions, providing alternative solutions to traditional underpinning methods. The methods we utilise are environmentally inert, cost effective, non-invasive, reduce disruption and are time efficient.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

Teretek® Deep-Lift

For more than 20 years, Mainmark has developed and perfected its unique and proprietary process for ground improvement and structural re-levelling. Utilising this flagship method, we inject one or more of our Teretek engineered structural resins beneath the sunken sections of the affected construction or structure, filling any voids encountered to maximise ground support. Then, from deeper underground we lift the structure or construction, as conditions allow, using the controlled force generated by expanding resin.
Deep-Injection at 3 levels

Teretek® Void-Fill

We inject our Teretek engineered structural resins beneath (or into) the construction of concern, filling any voids encountered to re-establish ground support. Teretek void-fill method may also be used for arresting water movement, filling abandoned utilities and other man-made voids.

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting (or Integrated Computer Grouting) is a unique cementitious grouting process for multi-point lifting, under computer control. This unique system enables level correction of complex, often large and heavy-weight structures, without the use of piles, jacks or other mechanical devices.
Commercial JOG BNZ Interior 2


Terefil from Mainmark is an advanced engineered fill material providing an excellent solution when granular fills or aggregate material options are too heavy, site access is limited, or project schedules are extremely tight. Terefil is highly flowable, easily placed, and does not require pre-loading or compaction for settlement mitigation. It will flow into spaces to fill voids and exhibits shrinkage of less than 1%.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting (PG) is used for the agglomeration and solidification of unstable gravels, sands and other non-cohesive soils at depths as great as 60m. PG is used in a low-pressure operation, it is aimed at saturating the soil to create a watertight barrier, and it reinforces the ground by filling in the voids within the soil.
Screen Shot 10-08-15 at 01.05 PM

Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting is a construction process using a high kinetic energy jet of fluid to break up and loosen the ground, and mix it with a cement slurry.  This hydrodynamic mix-in-place technique produces a soil-cement material, commonly referred to as “jet crete”.
4 Jet grouting under the Art Gallery, diagramatic.copy

Liquefaction Mitigation

In regions prone to earthquake, patented injection is available to alter the characteristics of non-cohesive foundations at depth, to limit the risk of liquefaction and resulting catastrophic collapse. After nearly four years in development, and with extensive trials and testing in Christchurch Red Zone, our Ground Improvement and Liquefaction Mitigation solution has been formally recognised as a geotechnical innovation.

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