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Our methods are suitable from small problems through to large infrastructure projects


Mainmark has delivered ground engineering solutions to businesses for more than 20 years, with thousands of projects successfully completed internationally, including in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.

Our methods provide ideal solutions for numerous applications, such as: level correction of sinking floors and buildings; strengthening weak and unstable ground; filling holes, voids and pipes; earthquake remediation; and in-ground water and gas control. Mainmark’s non-invasive, cost and time efficient technologies are suitable for any business, from Commercial and Industrial sectors, through to Infrastructure and Mining and Resources. Our methods are successful on any size structure, of any type, including Heritage buildings.

Mainmark’s expanded capabilities now includes Sonic Drilling – an advanced soil penetration and capture technique using high frequency resonant technology.

Unlike many traditional ground engineering techniques, our methods are very business-friendly.

  • We use non-invasive techniques, likened to keyhole-surgery, so we don’t tear up floors and excavate ground (injection holes can be as small as 6mm).
  • We are very quick, completing small and large scale projects in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take.
  • We don’t cause disruption, so there is little, if any, downtime – in many cases, businesses can continue to operate throughout the process.
  • We strengthen the future of a structure, strengthening weak ground so buildings generally become level, crack-free, and more stable.
  • We don’t make mess because there is generally no dust, water, or anything else to clean up.
  • We don’t cause further damage, we fix existing damage. Wall cracks generally close up, doors and windows can usually operate properly again, and trip hazards are eliminated.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial

Mainmark has delivered results to hundreds of Commercial and Industrial projects. We raise, re-level and re-support buildings and structures of any size, as well as correcting moving and sunken driveways, pavements, floors and machinery bases. Mainmark technologies also strengthen and stabilise weak ground. Our expanded capabilities include removal of trip hazards and water ponding, control and prevention of contaminated groundwater from seeping into uncontaminated re-development sites and filling voids and abandoned pipes. The specialised methods we utilise are cost effective and time efficient and are the perfect solution to ground engineering problems in business, keeping downtime to a minimum. In many situations, business operations can continue as normal, and buildings can often remain occupied as we re-level a floor. You may not even need to re-locate furniture, stock or machinery. Mainmark technology is non-invasive, there is no excavation required so sites do not become messy or hazardous. We work with you to ensure the process is as convenient as possible for your business, staff and clients.
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Mainmark has delivered successful results to many Heritage buildings. Our non-invasive, cost and time efficient methods provide great solutions, for many reasons, not least of all raising, re-levelling and re-supporting the building gives it a new lease of life, allowing an historical structure to stand strong into the future.

Civil Infrastructure


Mainmark has a wealth of experience with infrastructure projects, with successful results. We re-level and re-support concrete slabs and pavements, bridge approach slabs, bridge abutments, bridge approaches, highways, railways, airports and sea ports, culverts on roads, buildings, and other structures. Our expanded capabilities include filling holes, voids, and abandoned pipes and controlling the migration of contaminated leachates from industrial dumps or landfill sites.

The non-invasive methods we use are also extremely time efficient, resulting in minimal disruption to the site. Work can be done day or night, and programmed to allow for any traffic movement, railway, or airside operations. Large-scale work can usually be completed in sections.

Our technologies are environmentally inert.

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Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources

Mainmark has worked on many Mining and Resources projects, having provided effective and economical ground engineering services to the sector for over 20 years. Our non-invasive technologies raise, re-level and re-support moving and sunken structures, stacker-reclaimer rails, conveyor belt supports, tanks, machinery, roads, and pavements. We also have extensive experience with filling and post-fall recovery treatments, as well as water and gas ingress control and dam leak solutions. Mainmark methods strengthen and stabilise the ground, and are environmentally inert. Mainmark are specialists in techniques that deliver optimum results with minimal disruption to the site. Time efficiency is at a premium and work can often be completed whilst your operations continue. Our non-invasive methods mean no excavation is required, so sites do not become messy or hazardous.
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