Civil and Infrastructure

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Civil and Infrastructure

Mainmark’s ground engineering and asset preservation solutions are designed to re-support or rehabilitate civil infrastructure to enhance the safety and stability of ports, rail, roads, and other public infrastructure.

Ground subsidence, deteriorating concrete and steel infrastructure, and broken pipelines can cause dangerous public safety issues and expensive damage to public utilities and infrastructure.

We use cutting-edge technologies that resolve infrastructure issues with minimal disruption and downtime. Mainmark’s solutions are environmentally inert and designed for fast, easy application.

We can:

  • Re-support and re-level large, complex public infrastructure using the award-winning JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting technique
  • Raise, re-level and re-support public road and rail infrastructure using our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution
  • Fill large underground holes and voids quickly and cost-effectively with Terefil, our advanced engineered light-weight cementitious fill
  • Compact and stabilise slopes and embankments to control erosion and provide safer site access using Permeation Grouting
  • Improve and strengthen foundations of large public buildings using Jet Grouting
  • Protect, seal, and revitalise concrete and steel assets using ENCAP6, an innovative spray-on corrosion protection solution
  • Renew damaged high pressure water, oil, gas, or chemical pipelines, or provide protection for existing ones, using Primus Line trenchless flexible hose technology
  • Rehabilitate and renew high-traffic and chemically-affected concrete slabs and road areas using Ultra-Panels, abrasion-resistant and durable pre-cast ultra-high performance concrete slabs

Local councils and civil engineers trust Mainmark

Mainmark has successfully helped local councils and civil engineers across the Asia Pacific region to rectify ground engineering problems and repair ageing infrastructure.

Mainmark allowed us to address a challenge that has long been without any viable solutions and one that many local governments face. ENCAP6 has delivered exceptional structural performance, longevity and a warranty that far exceeds other applications.

The cost of reconstruction was prohibitive. Mainmark’s ENCAP6 proved a cost-effective and durable solution. It allowed us to refurbish rather than excavate and rebuild access chambers, delivering significant cost savings.

Evan Davidson, Coordinator Network Operations for Fitzroy River Water, Rockhampton Regional Council.

Civil Infrastructure and Utilities

Mainmark solves problems with Civil Infrastructure and Utilities

Mainmark provides proven ground engineering and asset preservation solutions to solve problems with stormwater drains, pipes, culverts, manholes, water infrastructure, wet wells, lift stations, chemical bunds, tanks, concrete walls and roads, land slips and erosion, and electricity infrastructure.

We have:

  • provided viable, lasting, and cost-effective rehabilitation of more than 150 concrete manholes and access chambers in the city of Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia using ENCAP6.
  • used resin injection methods to re-stabilise the ground beneath a fully-operation power station, providing safe access to 60-tonne cranes for routine maintenance.
  • successfully upgraded a leaking 3.8 metre water pipe in Lismore in just two days using Primus Line trenchless technology, which extended its service life by up to 50 years.
Commercial JOG Oxford Tce Exterior


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Airports and Ports

Mainmark solves problems in Airports and Ports

Mainmark repairs and revitalises airport and seaport infrastructure, including seawalls, piers, wharves, tanks, concrete walls, hangars, runways, roads, sea bridges, and above-ground terminal and station structures.

We have:

  • successfully re-supported slabs at the Williamtown airport in New South Wales, Australia using the Uretek deep injection method, with minimal disruption to base operations
  • re-supported a wharf slab near the Great Barrier Reef using environmentally-inert Uretek, making the wharf safe to bear typical loadings of 90 tonnes or more
  • sealed a decommissioned pipe beneath a high-load 24/7 operational pavement on a port site with Uretek, and then used lightweight Terefil to fill and completely abandon the pipe.
Seawall being rehabilitated


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Roads and Rail

Mainmark solves problems with Roads and Rail

Mainmark can re-level and rehabilitate road and railway infrastructure with minimal disruption to traffic and operations. We correct concrete roads and pavements, bridge approach slabs, bridge abutments, bridge approaches, highways, road culverts, storm drains, manholes, access chambers, and lift stations.

We have:

  • completely rehabilitated ROM bridge embankments at coal mine sites using a resin-injected anchor system that reinstated the integrity of the embankment, and mitigated the effects of weather and heavy loads
  • stabilised the ground beneath the Kiamai rail tunnel in New Zealand, by filling voids beneath track slabs and lifting the track back to its original level using the Uretek deep resin injection method
  • repaired significant voiding beneath a platform at Sydney’s busy Central Railway Station by filling the voids and re-supporting the ground using Uretek resin injection.
Railway line civil


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Mainmark Capabilities – Products and Services

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