Mining and Resources


Mining and Resources

In the inherently risky and costly business of mining, ground subsidence and ageing infrastructure can compromise safety and efficiency on site.

Ground problems, such as subsidence or weak soil, can cause damage to machinery, roads, and pipelines, and old or damaged infrastructure, including mine shafts, tunnels, and vehicles, can create costly production bottlenecks.

Sudden ground movement can also have serious or even fatal consequences which can bring operations to a standstill and permanently damage mining equipment.

Mainmark is the expert in solving ground problems and rehabilitating ageing assets for the mining sector. Our expertise includes projects in open-cut coal mines and hard rock mines, iron ore, silver, lead, zinc, bauxite, copper, diamond, and many other types of mines.

Our methods deliver engineered outcomes that are proven, clean, and fast. We can often complete work outside of programmed maintenance shutdown periods and with minimal down time.

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We can:

  • fill voids, abandoned mines, obsolete tanks, sink holes, decommissioned culverts and pipelines, tunnels, and repair land slips with our advanced, structural, lightweight Terefil
  • strengthen weak ground, re-level above- and below-ground mining structures, and provide earthquake remediation using JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and Teretek engineered resin injection solution
  • stabilise and consolidate faulty ground strata and weak soil using Jet Grouting
  • seal and protect mining assets against water and gas ingress with a technologically advanced spray-on corrosion protection solution, ENCAP6
  • renew damaged gas, water, chemical and oil pipelines or provide corrosion protection for existing pipes with Primus Line trenchless technology
  • rehabilitate damaged concrete roads, machinery bases, driveways, floors, and pads with high-performance Ultra-Panels concrete slabs

We solve mining engineering problems with:

  • coal loader towers
  • conveyor belt pedestal bases and footings
  • conveyor tensioning towers and associated foundation structures
  • engine turntable slabs, rails and associated foundation structures
  • hardstand floors
  • machinery bases, slabs, and pavements
  • mine shafts
  • ore crusher plant and associated equipment
  • pipelines
  • rail index machine slabs, plant, and associated foundation structures
  • retaining walls
  • rock breaker footings
  • rock walls and tunnels
  • service trenches
  • stacker-reclaimer rails
  • sunken rails
  • tunnels

Surface Mines

Mainmark solves problems in Surface Mines

We offer a range of ground stabilisation, re-levelling and asset rehabilitation solutions to solve problems on surface mining sites. Our expertise includes open-cut coal mines and hard rock mines, iron ore, silver, lead, zinc, bauxite, copper, and diamond mines.

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Surface Mines


Underground Coal Mines

Mainmark solves problems in Underground Coal Mines

Subsidence and ageing infrastructure are common challenges associated with extracting coal, yet can bring operations to a grinding halt and put lives at risk. We have more than 20 years’ experience solving these problems for coal mining companies.

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Underground Coal Mine


Underground Hard Rock Mines

Mainmark solves problems in Underground Hard Rock Mines

High pressure mechanical vibration couples with narrow entrances and mine workings can put undue pressure on infrastructure and assets at underground hard rock mines, increasing the risk of ground subsidence. Mainmark can provide expert advice and proven solutions.

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