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Mainmark offers unique, innovative solutions for addressing all your ground engineering needs which include raising, re-levelling, re-supporting and strengthening ground foundations. Our products are successful on many structures, of varying size and type, including residential, commercial, civil and mining projects.


Technologically Advanced Solution for Revitalising Ageing Infrastructure.

Mainmark specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of the ENCAP6™ corrosion protection systems for concrete and steel infrastructure, such as bridges, lift stations, pipe and tank relining and manholes. ENCAP6® seals, protects and structurally reinforces ageing assets.

ENCAP6® stops the decay in six essential ways: Chemical Resistance, Adhesion, Inflow and Infiltration, Structural Enhancement, Abrasion Resistance, Permanent Solution.

Jet Grouting

Strengthen ground on a massive scale.

Jet Grouting is accomplished with high pressure, high velocity jets located in a grout monitor attached to a drill stem. After advancing to the required depth, the monitor is rotated as it is withdrawn. Simultaneous water-jetting and slurryjetting hydraulically erodes, mixes and partially replaces the soil with cementitious slurry, to create engineered ‘soil-crete’ of high strength and low hydraulic conductivity. Jet Grouting can be performed to great depths and around obstructions. There is no excavation.

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

A unique process of multi-point, cementitious levelling of large, complex structures by computer-controlled equipment.

JOG computer-controlled grouting enables a level correction without the use of hydraulic jacks and temporary lifting platforms. Neighbouring properties are not affected and product is contained within the site. A very high degree of accuracy is achieved and minimal stress is placed on separate sections of the structures, as all parts are supported and brought up together using small, sequenced injections of high mobility cementitious grout.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting to create ground cohesion before excavation.

Permeation Grouting is the longest-established and most widely used pressure grouting technique. It helps strengthen sands and gravels, and repairs structural formations in noncohesive soils at depths as great as 60m. The process produces a solidified mass to support increased load and fill voids in the soil. This technology can be used in a number of applications. For example, when excavation is required adjacent to an existing building or structure that is set on noncohesive sandy ground. Or it can be used during swimming pool construction to stabilise sandy, noncohesive subgrade to mitigate it slipping or running into the excavations.

Primus Line®

Cost-effective and environmentally inert trenchless technology for rehabilitating and fixing high pressure hoses and pipelines.

Primus Line® is based on a flexible, high-pressure hose with a specially-developed connection technique.

The Primus Line® hose is inserted into the hose pipe from small construction puts, therefore large roadworks or earthworks can be avoided, making the job simpler, faster and less disruptive.

It’s short rehabilitation times and rapid decommissioning make Primus Line® an exceptionally cost-effective alternative to open rehabilitation, without compromising on hydraulic pressure.


Measuring a structure’s heartbeat, or the normal vibrations in a that occur in response to environmental factors, helps identify any abnormal responses that may indicate structural damage or weakness. Structural analysis can provide an early warning of potential weaknesses or damage, which is crucial for:

  • insurance purposes
  • occupant safety
  • litigation avoidance
  • further damage prevention
  • asset management

Until now, it has been practically impossible to effectively measure a building’s heartbeat in real time.

Being able to measure those almost-imperceptible structural movements has far-reaching benefits that include making structures safer, understanding the risks and causes of damage, assigning liability for events, and managing assets more effectively.


Introducing Terefil™, the most advanced structural light-weight polymer modified cementitious based filler.

Terefil™ is used to solve a wide variety of challenges in the geotechnical, construction and mining industries. Terefil™ is an advanced engineered fill material providing an excellent solution when granular fills or aggregate material options are too heavy, site access is limited, or project schedules are extremely tight. Terefil™ is highly flowable, easily placed, and does not require pre-loading or compaction for settlement mitigation. It will flow into spaces to fill voids and exhibits shrinkage of less than 0.1%.


Introducing Teretek: Mainmark’s new state-of-the-art engineered resin injection solution.

Mainmark’s proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution is backed by more than 20 years experience resolving complex ground engineering problems. Mainmark technicians have developed methods for raising, re-levelling and re-supporting of any above-ground structure, plus increase ground bearing capacity in the one process.   It is a non-invasive process likened to keyhole surgery.


Innovative concrete reinforcement technology for high trafficable surfaces.

Ultra-Panels are high-tech, precast concrete panels that can eliminate the need for resurfacing concrete in marine, road, public infrastructure, agriculture, defence, manufacturing, and mining environments.

Concrete pavements in these high-abrasion, chemically-affected, or high-traffic areas usually require regular concrete slab replacement. Ultra-Panels provide an innovative alternative solution, offering cost-effective and long-term repair and rehabilitation of concrete surfaces.

Ultra-Panels act as wear plates over a cast-in-place concrete base slab, improving concrete strength and removing the need for pavement replacement.

Uretek® Resin Injection Technologies

Resin injection technologies for ground compaction, void filling and re-levelling buildings and other on-ground structures.

Uretek engineered structural resin injection raises, re-levels and re-supports sunken building foundations fast, economically and with a minimum of disruption to occupants. Building footings are raised and returned towards level rapidly. The Uretek method – 30 years worldwide proven technology – does not involve demolition or excavation, no water is used and there is little, if any, mess.

Other Resins

Mainmark can use a variety of tested and proven specialised engineered resins to bind weak strata and fill voids, crevices, and large cavities in civil and mining applications.

All of the materials we use are environmentally inert, cost-effective, and efficient. The products we use cure quickly, so our customers can use the treated area sooner; often as fast as 30 minutes after treatment. We work quickly to minimise downtime, keeping our customers up and running even while repair works are being carried out.




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