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Our technologies are non-invasive, with minimal disruption to your home and occupants


Mainmark has raised, re-levelled and re-supported homes and buildings for over 20 years, delivering successful solutions to thousands of residential homes and hundreds of non-residential projects internationally, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.

Sinking floors, paths and driveways, cracked wallsjamming doors and windows can all be indicators of structural damage. Causes are various and include; building subsidence, bearing on unstable or weak ground, a broken pipe causing erosion, moisture changes in clay soil, and earthquake liquefaction.

Our solutions are cutting edge and the modern answer to the traditional way to underpin; it is like keyhole surgery compared to concrete underpinning. Our alternatives to underpinning are not just for concrete slab floors. We can underpin, raise and re-level strip footings, raft slabs and ‘Waffle-Pod’ slabs, plus we can infill slabs and driveways.

We are experienced in a number of ground engineering techniques – including, in the past Uretek, now our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution and JOG Computer Controlled Grouting – all non-invasive methods that are cost and time efficient.

Get peace of mind with Mainmark.

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Unlike many level correction processes, our methods are very resident­-friendly.

  • We use non-invasive techniques, likened to keyhole-surgery, so we don’t tear up floors and excavate ground (the injection holes can be as small as 6mm).
  • We are very quick – on many jobs we are done in a day.
  • More often than not residents can stay in the home and may not even need to move much furniture.
  • We strengthen the future of the house – the methods we use strengthen weak ground, so your home generally becomes level, crack-free and more stable.
  • We don’t make mess – there’s no concrete dust, water or anything else to clean up.
  • We don’t cause further damage; in fact cracks generally close up and windows and doors become useable.

More Information:

Solutions for Residential, Brochure (AUS)

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Solutions for Residential, Brochure (NZ)

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Teretek engineered resin solution, Brochure (AU and NZ)

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Download a copy of ‘Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A Homeowner’s Guide’ from CSIRO for expert advice to homeowners on identifying the causes of movement in a building.




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